I can help build, manage, secure your website while you can focus on growing your business. I have working and researching on WordPress – WordPress security for years. I know what are the week-points of WordPress and the fixes to strengthen your WordPress security.

I am sure together we can build something better. Let’s talk!

Build Website

I can help you with your Website creation. I can build and customize your website with your provided theme.

Bellow, this is just a mere demo. You can get your desired website built while I can also make sure that your website loads faster.

Secure WordPress

I can improve your website security. Your website will securer than ever before. You can get an idea of what I can do by reading one of writing — Improve WordPress Security / WordPress Security 2019.

WordPress Security services I provide includes but limits to,

  1. Get a report of your website’s vulnerability status.
  2. Keep your site up-to-date to strengthen security.
  3. Remove viruses from affected websites.
  4. Don’t let someone in the middle of your website and the web server steal your user data!
  5. Fix Google blacklist.
  6. Improve your security adding security patches, let me hear what you need.
  7. Backup your website so even if something happens to the site you data is saved.

I can always work on your special requirement, Let’s talk!

I have applied many of the security measures on this website (Yes, this website runs on WordPress!). Try hacking it maybe, but do mail me about it beforehand.

I am looking forward to work with you, Let’s talk!