What Is Technical Breadth? How To Increase Yours?

Technical breadth, your technical breadth higher means you know more. But what exactly is technical breadth? In this article, I will explain technical breadth in short and tell you how I know things I know.

Increase your technical breadth

It is never good to stick with a few technologies for your whole life. You are supposed to update yourself over the time, engage with different technologies. And that is an important reason to focus on your technical breadth. The more you know the more options you will have to work with.

What is Technical Breadth

In one line it means how much you know, not specifically about something, but in total. It’s so normal that we cannot know everything. And the more we know the more we don’t know. If we divide our technical knowledge into three parts, not necessarily equal, we will have three portions. Let’s talk about them first. Please remember that we are only considering technical stuffs so ignoring other daily life things.

i. Things You Know

Yes, the first portion is the things you know. It includes all those things you know very well, like how to install windows, what is html and how to create a webpage with it etc.

ii. Things You Know You Don’t Know

This portion includes those things that you know a very little about. For example, you may about Elixir but don’t know how to write a program with Elixir, you may know that androids can be flushed with custom ROM but you cannot do it etc.

iii. Things You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

Seems confusing, well let me break it down for you. This portion is usually a lot bigger in size. It includes the which you don’t even know existed, you have no idea about these things. For example, you may have never heard of JAMStack, Commitizen, Apache Flink, BERT and list goes on.

How to Increase Technical Breadth?

First, you need to know what you don’t know. That’s right, you need to try reducing the last portion of the triangle. You need explore to know things you didn’t know that existed before. And who knows you might find amazing technology that you are going to spent next 20 years.

Do not confuse technical breadth with technical depth. Technical depth means how much you know about a particular topic whereas technical breadth indicates your total technical knowledge range. Its not like technical depth is not important, this article is focused on technical breadth.


Now, if you are reading my blog for a while you know that since I was young, I have been very fascinated with technology. I was so curious about tech stuff, wanted to know how things worked, still do. First of all, you need to be curious, you need to have that interested to know, to learn.

Role of Tech Communities

The more you engage with tech communities your knowledge will increase. Let’s say you have group of twenty people who talks about technology, shares what they are learning. Chances are, you will get to know more technologies. This will help you increase your technical breadth. It doesn’t have to be an online community. You can create one with interested people learning different things.

Magazines / Blogs

You can read online blogs and tech magazines. There are a lot of blogs and magazines which publishes content on trending and popular technologies which are basically techs that all other amazing developers or people are engaged with. For example, Technology Radar is a website that lists the trendy technologies with their current impact on the software industry. You can check this type of magazines once in a day to just get to know things.

Disclaimer: I have no personal or business affiliation with Technology Radar and contents published in it.

That’s it! I tried to explain it very simply and in short. You can always ping me on twitter at @iamlizu, if you got any suggestion.

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