Operating Systems – Memory Management Questions

// question may not be always directory connected to the topic but came to my mind while thinking as a reader, this list is supposed contain things that you may know already and subject to change time to time


  1. What is memory allocation?
  2. What is contiguous memory allocation?
  3. What is interrupt vector?
  4. What is high memory?
  5. What is memory protection?
  6. What is buffer?
  7. What is a device driver?
  8. What is variable or dynamic partitioning?
  9. What is a hole in?
  10. What is memory block?
  11. What is dynamic storage allocation problem?
  12. What is first-fit, best-fit and worst fit strategy?


  1. What is fragmentation?
  2. What is internal fragmentation?
  3. What is external fragmentation?
  4. What is 50-percent rule?
  5. What is compaction?


  1. What is paging?
  2. What is frames?
  3. What is pages?
  4. What is a page table?
  5. What is huge pages?
  6. What is a frame table?
  7. What is a page-table base register?

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