Operating Systems – Memory Management Questions

These are the questions you might to check if your are learning about Memory management. I will keep adding new questions and updating the list.

// question may not be always directory connected to the topic but came to my mind while thinking as a reader, this list is supposed contain things that you may know already and subject to change time to time


  • What is a memory?
  • What is a memory address?
  • What is memory management?
  • What are the approaches of memory management?
  • Why the need of memory management?
  • What is Process?
  • What is a protected process?
  • What are the factors of memory management?
  • What is CPU scheduling?
  • What is dispatcher in CPU scheduling?
  • What is Memory Management Unit (MMU)?
  • What is instruction?
  • What is an instruction-execution cycle?
  • What is an instruction pointer / program pointer?
  • What is a trap?
  • What is a symbolic memory?
  • How a logical address differs a physical address?
  • What is dynamic linking?
  • What is a shared library?
  • What is a register?
  • What is CPU clock?
  • What is a system call?
  • What is user space and kernel space?

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