If you are here I suppose you know my name already. I am from Bangladesh. I grew up in my hometown, stayed most of the time home. I played a lot of cricket till 4th grade. At that time I had a feeling that I want to be a cricketer in future. It was 8th grade when I first got a phone, it was a smartphone — an Android. I had no experience on phone or computer before. All I did was site besides friends and watch when they play games on their computers. I was excited and curious. I heard from people that “Internet has everything”, I never surfed Internet before then. I searched things on Google and was pretty amazed. Then I got introduced to social media, before then I just heard the name of Facebook. I played a lot of games, among them Temple Run by Imangi Studios is the one maybe I spent a lot of time on. 

I really liked the Internet. It is something that clicked me inside. While surfing Internet I was quite curious about how it worked. First question I had in my mind was “Why I need to buy data to surf the Internet?” Then I thought “How does a website appear in my mobile by typing the address?” I had so many questions in my mind that needed answers.

Back in those days my curiosity introduced me to wapka.mobi which is now being shutdown, I don’t know the exact reason. I was so excited when I first created a website using wapka.mobi which was hosted by them. Wapka used XHTML for their markup, I searched about it online and mastered it. I started playing with CSS also. I remember Wapka was one of the favorites rookie hackers, I have seen so many phishing sites made with Wapka then. For some reason I didn’t like the extension ‘.mobi’, I liked the ‘.com’ more. 

In the interest of having a .com site, I created a blog — bdinform24.blogspot.com using Google Blogger. Meanwhile I got a laptop, it was a Dell Inspiron 14 series’ one. By this time my curiosity taught me so many things. The more I learned the more deep I explored, still doing. I learned almost everything in my life by surfing the Internet, from tech forums. As time went, instead of just reading them I started answering people’s questions on tech forums, wrote a couple of articles. I first started with Techtunes which is about technology in Bengali, or so it was. I used to publish articles on both my blogger blog and Techtunes. There is one particular article about Clash Of Clans got around 100K hits and so many responses in both sites. I got more inspired by this. 

While using Google Blogger, I often noticed the word ‘AdSense’ and discovered the whole advertising thing. Later then I learned about AdSense as well as SEO. I remember searching Internet on SEO for months. I also learned YouTube, how to grow a channel and researched on video creation to video SEO, all those ranking factors. Actually I have explored every single technology I faced since then. 

That website – Techtunes had a website for user support, I was quite active there and was on top 3 if I remember correctly. I remember they asked me to send my CV for Community Manager. I was quite pumped to get asked if I was interested to join as a Community Manager. No need to mention this also inspired me a lot. Like always, I was exploring internet, different technologies. I joined How-To Geek Discussion and was active there for some times. 

I joined Microsoft Community when I was in class 11. My curiosity taught me enough to become one of the top content creators and curators. I was active there for sometimes and got busy into other things. I try to check whenever I get time. I have spent years understanding website performance and specially how to improve performance of a WordPress site as well as security. I am also well acquainted with Ubuntu Server and have good experience in Online Community Management. 

I am currently a Software Engineering undergrad at AIUB. Now I spent most of my time researching / exploring, I am also a moderator on elementary OS Stack Exchange

What you just read is no professional writing showing my skills and experience whatsoever, I wrote whatever came on my mind at the time of writing — midnight, Aug 28, 2019. I will try to add more professional one soon, perhaps a CV.